About us

Air Conditioning and Contracting Est. has been a trusted name in the construction business as well as in residential and commercial air conditioning services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance to system installations, we assure you that your every air conditioning needs will be catered to and resolved professionally in a timely fashion by our experts who are all HVAC certified graduates.

We service most brands in the market and our 24 x 7 emergency response team are ready to entertain your valuable calls.

Notwithstanding, the Company has matured into a successful and dependable medium-sized construction firm as well with a wealth of experience on all types of construction projects. It has a hands-on-management philosophy, a keen team player spirit and prides itself on quality workmanship and the timely completion of projection.

We’ve extremely resourceful teams of individuals capable of implementing our works to the highest of standards in order to satisfy the expectations of our clients. This has been reflected in the steady growth that the Company has enjoyed since its existence.

By browsing through our Company profile, you will become familiar with the type of projects we have handled and eventually completed over the past few years. These contracts, in conjunction with the amount of repetitive work done with the different professional teams and clients, convey our commitment to being co-operative, helpful and easy to work with at the same time offering an excellent end product.

Please, therefore, call now and have your problems resolved the same day.